Not just anybody can shape and cut steel – it can be a difficult task that requires skill, experience, and knowledge of the industry.

Steel is a fairly robust metal, which is ideal for creating durable products such as those used in infrastructure. However, this means that it is generally quite difficult to manipulate.

Although it’s possible to do so using hand tools, most steel profiling services will use machinery to ensure that the job is done accurately and meets expectations.

There are a variety of ways that steel can be shaped – keep reading to learn more about steel profiling and the processes used.


What Is Steel Profiling?

Steel profiling is essentially a way in which steel is cut, bet, and shaped into specific shapes.

Trained and skilled workers will do this to create a variety of products – from machine parts and tools to construction materials.

Steel profiling can be completed in a number of ways, including laser cutting, profile cutting, and plasma cutting – all of which have different designated machines to complete the final product.

If you plan on hiring steel profiling services, it’s always best to consult with them to develop an understanding of the methods used and to communicate clearly what your desired final product is.

Different types of steel can be used in the steel profiling process, providing that the work completed is accurate, intricate, and uniform.


What Is The Steel Profiling Process?

The steel profiling process may vary depending on the requirements, the company, and the resources available.

The method in which the steel is manipulated depends entirely on what the desired outcome is – however, the general process goes as follows:


Create A Brief

As there are a variety of methods available to manipulate metal, it’s important to gain a firm understanding of the requirements in order to decide the best approach.

Creating a brief is key to creating an excellent product. Before getting started, the steel profiling provider should discuss the task with the client and ask a variety of relevant questions in order for the final product to meet expectations.

It’s always good to check if the steel cutting provider is quality certified, as well as checking for relevant accreditations and experience.


Program The Design

One of the main ways in which steel is manipulated is by using CNC profile cutting machines. With these machines, you can program the design with precise specifications to achieve the desired results.

Using a machine instead of completing the task by hand ensures a steady, precise, and repetitive flow, which is essential for an accurate result – especially with commercial steel preparation.


Decide Which Machine To Use

There are a number of different CNC machines that can be used to cut steel – it all depends on the desired result, and of course, the machinery available.

Metal can come in all shapes, sizes, and thicknesses, so not all forms of metal can be cut using the same method. There are typically three main choices for steel profiling – laser, plasma, and oxy.