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No Welding Task Is Too Big

If you’re looking for specialist welders in Wirral, then look no further than Astra Engineering. We are a professional welding company capable of handling all welding tasks. We have the ideal team and equipment including benders, saws, drills, grinders, and cutters, to forge the perfect fabrication to suit your needs.

Astra Engineering Welding

Custom Metal Fabrication Welding

Astra Engineering offers customized metal fabrication welding services to the commercial, public, and private sectors. While we do specialize in steel fabrication, we are more than capable of delivering other fabrication services such as aluminum fabrication. Feel free to talk to our experts to learn more about what we can do. Our team works with architects, contractors, designers, and homeowners to complete welding jobs. We offer expert fabrication and welding for all metals.

High Quality Service

Astra Engineering provides a full-service to all our clients. You can count on our team to deliver metalwork of the highest quality and integrity. We also have the capacity for any job or metal, whether you need something big or small. Our team is on hand to get the job done with expert precision.

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If you find yourself in need of specialist welders Wirral, then Astra Engineering is just what you need. Please do not hesitate to contact us or arrange a quote for your welding job.

Expert Welding Services

At Astra Engineering, we are proud to offer the best expert specialist welding services. Not only that, but we also offer architectural metalwork to client’s courtesy of our specialist team of fabrication creators and installers. Our team can manage any specialist welding job you have.

Our expert welders have all the equipment they need to handle metal furniture fabrication, architectural metalwork, structural metalwork, ornamental metal, gates, signs, railings, and lighting fixtures – among other things. Our team is equipped with gas, TIG, and MIG welding machines and fabrication tools. We understand that metalwork is more than what most people think it is. Metalworking is an art, a hobby, an industry, a science, and a trade. The historical roots of metalworking span centuries across different civilizations and cultures. Not only does our team have all the machinery they need, but they also have the appropriate knowledge and experience to use welding techniques to highlight the quality of the finished product.

Specialist Welding Services

Not all welding jobs are created equal. Some of them fall under a category that can only be described as specialist welding services. Our team provides things such as sturdy, top-quality window railings security bars.

These bars fit neatly and aesthetically into modern architecture while still offering complete security for users. Our specialist welders offer their professional welding expertise to Wirral and the surrounding area. To be a truly professional welder and offer specialist services means understanding the latest welding technology. Our team uses the latest and greatest techniques to ensure all projects are delivered to the high standards you would expect. 

Welding Company Wirral

We understand that welding is a sculptural and fabrication process. Welding involves joining materials together, often thermoplastics or metals, by using intense heat to melt parts of the materials together. When the melted parts cool down, they fuse together. This is the simplest explanation of how welding works. Of course, it takes more than just this simple knowledge to become an expert welder.

We hold our professional welding team up to the same standards as you would an internal employee working for you. There is nothing to lose by hiring our experts. You only have everything to gain from the team at Astra Engineering. Our experts can fabricate, manufacture, or repair almost any metal and metalwork project in Wirral.

The Astra Engineering Difference

We know you have a lot of choice when it comes to welding experts. What makes our team stand out is our extensive in-house capabilities and fabrication site. Our resources allow us to offer nothing but the highest quality work. While we aren’t afraid to work with contractors, we do aim to do everything by ourselves. You can rest assured that any outside help we call on is of the highest quality.

We focus on in-house talent and are committed to workplace safety. Everyone who works on one of our projects has the sufficient training and safety equipment to do things correctly without incident.

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