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Here at Astra Engineering, we are an established company that is committed to helping you with any fabrication requirements in North Wales. Although we specialise in steel fabrication, our years of experience can help you with the fabrication of other materials, such as metal or aluminium.

As well as offering quality fabrication services, we also provide a prime metal finishing service. Coating the metal in certain substances can help to prevent corrosion, and ultimately make our sheet metal, stainless steel, and many other high-quality metals last longer. Our quality metal finishing can also make metal look as shiny and new as it should.

At Astra Engineering, we understand that fabrication services can be time-consuming and expensive, which is why we aim to reduce the costs and lead times, streamlining the process for you in North Wales. Our professionals use a variety of techniques in fabrication, such as cutting and bending steel and other metals.

We offer plating, coating, welding, as well as product assembly services, which we deliver with the utmost precision and reliability. It is important to maintain a balance between performing our services in-house and using external contractors. At Astra Engineering, we have perfected the balance, and only use external contractors when necessary.

Choosing the Correct Fabrication North Wales Team

Our Astra Engineering office is located in Birkenhead on the Wirral – Unit 10, Arrowe Commercial Park on Arrowe Brook Road. However, being based in the North West doesn’t limit us to customers in this area. Thus, if you’re looking for ‘steel fabrications across the North Wales’, our highly skilled team will be on hand for all fabrication services in North Wales.

No matter where in North Wales you’re based, we provide our services to any client or company living in and around the North Wales area, making us your local steel, aluminium and metal fabrication experts.

Our team will aim to be there for you every step of the steel fabrication process, from the planning stage until the task is completed and you are 100% satisfied.

We believe that it’s important that you are aware of the process followed by our fabrication company, which is why we will be on hand to answer any questions and queries you may have about what our services include and will ensure you understand the process.

For any queries, don’t hesitate to call us on 07500 557 290, or send an email to us at

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