When it comes to bending metal – machinery tools are typically more popular in the construction industry.

The convenience, increased productivity and decreased rates of injury of machinery are why construction companies are using them more than ever. Read along to learn more about the benefits and different tools used to bend metal.


Benefits of Bending Metal Tools

Using these bending, folding and repair tools/ accessories to your advantage will provide you with more options to be creative and innovative with your designs. Whether this is welding or creating a new product – these modern-day metal bending tools guarantee precision and save countless hours (if you were going to do it more manually).

Using a sheet metal machine for sheet metal bending – not only will most models come with energy-saving functionalities, but they are extremely practical on cost-effective parts. Due to the range and choice of each metal folder – there will always be one on the market that will specifically implement exactly what you need.


What Tools are Used to Bend Metal?

There is a multitude of different tooling/ machinery that is used to manipulate metal into contrasting products, but what are they? Here are the three most common machines utilised for sheet metal operations:


Using Roll Benders

Each machine has its unique speciality as they were designed for different functions. A roll bender operates with steel rollers that will generally bend the softer and slender pieces of metal into the demanded product or device.

Whether you or another company want a slight bend or a full 360-degree bend – this machine is capable of it all. With this machine being able to do delicate processes, it is perfect for forming a pipe specifically for vehicles or larger machines.


Using Steelworkers/ Ironworkers

A Steelworker (aka an Ironworker) is a lot stronger than the previous model – as the ironworker can do anything from twisting metal completely, to bending or puncturing the metal. However, the operator has to be fully trained on all of the different techniques to be able to get the most from these sheet metal bending machines.

A positive that can be taken from these sheet metal tools/ machines is that they can save a lot of metal from being wasted as they are extremely productive with the metal they work with. Only large factories can usually store the ironworkers – due to them ranging from 44-ton to 75-ton in capacity!


Using Box and Pan Folders

This device or folder has the main use to bend sheet metal into contrasting shapes compared to the original design. The sheet metal folder offers precision and supreme accuracy with mild steel or aluminium.

Unlike the previous model, the box and pan folder typically can’t bend a metal 360 degrees. However, the standard box and pan folder usually weigh a ton – therefore, it will need a competent amount of room.

This box and pan folder is also an exceptionally useful and relevant replacement for businesses who can’t justify buying a press brake which is seriously expensive with shipping and delivery included.


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