Tube bending machines, also commonly known as tube benders, are available in all sorts of shapes and sizes.

No matter what type of machine you choose, they all put forward their own selection of great benefits that are fantastic and increase the productivity of your workplace.

Throughout this blog, we are going to be discussing the different types of metal bending machines and which are best suited for the job that you need them for. Read on to find out more.


Different Types Of Tube Bending Machines

As we have stated previously, there are many different types of tube bending machines, and each has its own set of wonderful benefits and can be specialised in all sorts of metal manipulation and stainless steel bending.


Rotary Draw Bending Machine

This is the most common type of metal bending machine that you will likely see, and it is fairly simple to operate.

First, the machine operator must secure the mandrel tube or pipe onto the machine with a clamp die, which will then lead to the bend die starting to turn around its axis. During this, the static pressure die makes sure the tube follows the bend die’s radius.

These are incredibly accurate and easily programmable machines, making them perfect for the production of handrails, roll cages, and frames.


Roll Bending Machine

These are also known as 3-roll benders and are most commonly used for making large bend radii.

They are composed of two fixed large rollers and a dexterous smaller roller that is able to have its height altered depending on the size of the radius or diameter needed.

These types of bending machines are typically used for coils of pipe and other similar types of products.


Ram Bending Machine

A ram bending machine, otherwise known as a press bender, is generally considered one of the simplest machines you can use for the job of mental tube bending.

The stationary dies are first placed into the work bed with the distance between the dies being used to determine the length of the bend required and the angle at which it will be bent.

These are not typically used for very precise or specific purposes, as they are more suited to simple bends where a cross-section is not of great importance.


Vector Bending Machine

These types of bending machines are perfect for high-quality results and operate in a similar fashion to rotary draw bending machines.

A pipe forms around the rotary draw for a great increase in precision, and the automatic feeding system makes the process very fast at the same time.

These machines are typically used to bend metals for the aerospace and automotive industries.


CNC Bending

In the modern day, most electric-powered metal bending machines do not need constant supervision from humans, as these machines are now automated because of CNC machinery.

CNC tube bending machines typically use a range of rollers and presses to guide the tubes and pipes during the process.

Electric CNC machines make providing these metal-bending services much easier for businesses looking to outsource their services to others.

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