There is a selection of great tools that sheet metal fabricators use to execute the jobs they cannot do themselves. Many places of work debate whether each individual engineer should own their own tools, no matter which is opted for, these machines are vital for the success of any sheet metal fabrication job.


The Types of Tools

As we stated earlier, there are plenty of different types of tools available for people to use for all sorts of jobs in the metal fabrication industry. Continue reading to find out more about these tools and what they can be used for.


Wire Cutters

Wire cutters are some of the most commonly used tools in the metal fabrication industry as they are incredibly useful for executing all sorts of tasks.

They are some of the most versatile tools in the industry and will be sure to help you in one way or another, even if you don’t think so!


Throatless Sheer

These types of sheers give the user the ability to create curved, irregular, or straight cuts on any metal of your choice.

They have a tall handle which gives you leverage allowing you to cut and sheer metals such as aluminium and stainless steel much more effectively than without.


Angle Grinder Discs

These are circular tools that are used for cutting and grinding down metals into another shape. These are some of the most important sets of tools you will require therefore it is important for you to find a good set before beginning your work.

These sets include cutoff wheels, grinding wheels, and wire wheels which will be very important when finishing most projects that you embark on.


Auto Darkening Helmet

One of the main things that you need to consider when in any sector of the construction or metal bending industry is safety, this should come before all else.

With an automatically darkening helmet, you can ensure that you are employing the best safety precautions and practices while you are wielding dangerous equipment.


Cleco Fasteners Set

These tools hold pieces of metal together before you permanently fuse them together making the whole process much easier.

These are able to hold multiple pieces of metal at once allowing you to get more usage out of the set, acting as a temporary heavy-duty clothespin.



Whatever high-quality product you are planning on forming no matter the customer, you should always have the best equipment available at your disposal.

With the aforementioned tools in your arsenal, you’ll be able to get through just about any type of project that is thrown in your direction.

Alternatively, if you are looking for someone to do some sheet metal fabrication on your behalf, then please don’t hesitate to contact us and we will help you in any way that we possibly can.